Guide on Cleaning your Hip Hop Jewelry

Guide on Cleaning your Hip Hop Jewelry

With so many options available, such as classy tennis chains, the provocative Cuban link chain, the attention-grabbing Jesus piece, or even iced-out watches and iced-out jewelry, selecting hip-hop jewelry items to add to your collection is a complex task. You already know that purchasing one isn't easy on the wallet. Therefore, it should go without saying that you should maintain your priceless items in prime shape to increase their lifespan.

Additionally, while cleaning your jewelry by a professional is a fantastic idea, it can often be extremely expensive, especially if it has been iced out. In contrast, if you bear a few tips in mind, cleaning your hip-hop jewelry by yourself is simple as cake. Following are our top three suggestions for keeping your jewelry clean, bright, and pristine.

Suggestion 1: Avoid using jewelry cleaning products

Jewelry cleaning solutions should be prevented since they may include abrasive elements that may damage your jewelry. It's smart to prepare your own cleaner using harmless and mild elements, even though some commercial products have received excellent ratings.

The most effective DIY jewelry cleaning solution is economical and accessible at home! Simply add a few drops of dish liquid soap to some warm water, then soak your jewelry item for a few minutes—or longer if it's dirty—before using a soft-bristled toothbrush to delicately scrub it clean. Next, clean the item in another basin of warm water before carefully drying it with a paper towel or soft cloth.

Suggestion 2: Put on your jewelry at the end

When planning your wardrobe, it's imperative to put your jewelry on last. Before putting on jewelry, apply lotion to your skin and leave it to absorb, or sprinkle a cloth with scent and allow it to dry. By doing this, you can be confident that the lotion's or perfume's compounds won't react with the metals in your jewelry.

Tennis Chain

Additionally, things like moisturizer, nail polish cleanser, sweat, and chlorine make plated jewelry fade fast, so try to keep them away from your bling as much as you can. Finally, don't forget to remove your jewelry before going to the pool or the gym.

Suggestion 3: Tidying up and storing

When you're done wearing your jewelry, wipe it down with a soft cloth to get rid of any dirt and grime that has gathered and to bring back the shine. Additionally, keep your jewelry apart from other pieces by storing it in a designated location, such as a jewelry box or watch box, and ideally covered in a soft velvet cloth or bag.

How Often to Clean the Jewelry?

Your lifestyle and how frequently you wear the jewelry will determine how often you clean your jewelry. Consider polishing daily-worn tennis or Cuban link necklaces at home once a week.

Give items you may not frequently wear a thorough cleaning every three to five months to keep them looking their best. That is plenty to maintain maximum brilliance and to keep daily filth at bay. Regular upkeep will not only keep your jewelry gleaming but will also ultimately cut down on the amount of time needed for cleaning.

All that's left to do is wear your hip-hop jewelry and keep it clean on a regular basis to maintain its lifespan now that it feels and looks brand new!